The company

Bluendo was founded in Turin in 2007 to develop solutions for presence-enabled applications and realtime communication on wired and wireless networks. Born from the joint effort of four engineers with a ten-year experience in the ICT field, a strong research background (three of them got their Ph.D. on computer engineering at Politecnico di Torino) and knowledge of distributed architectures with high degrees of scalability (both horizontal and vertical scalability), reliability and security.

Our vision is that presence will characterize the next technological breakthrough in the networking field, thus becoming the glue between desktop- or web-based applications and the new services available on mobile devices, ranging from entertainment, infomobility, auxiliary services for sales and work management, and, last but not least, realtime control of embedded systems and remote sensor networks. To date, no full-fledged off-the-shelf solutions with enough flexibility to satisfy the most diverse needs, are available on the market. Bluendo's mission is two-fold: both developing pre-packaged solutions and working as a partner across the whole analysis, design, development and deployment process of presence-enabled services.

Bluendo develops its solutions using the best open-source technologies and only open standard protocols to guarantee the widest interoperability with existing and future systems. Thus most of our products are based on the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) standard, which allows for XML messages streaming across every device and lies at the foundation of the most modern messanging systems such as Google Talk. More precisely, Bluendo aims at becoming the leader in the integration of XMPP in the mobile context by offering a complete framework for advanced messaging:

  • Lampiro: multiplatform libraries and client (J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, embedded Linux) to allow real-time communication between different devices, irrespective of frequent reconnections or unreliable communication channels;
  • Momento: the middleware extending the main open-source XMPP servers to supply on-demand services, allow for reliable communications on ureliable wireless channels, web-based monitoring and remote administration of different devices, and backend integration via both traditional data busses (XML-RPC, SOAP, JMS) and the new Web 2.0 technologies (AJAX, Web Push).

Finally, Bluendo, thanks to the strong research background of its founders, keeps researching near-field and RFID based communication technologies, which are considered promising to handle presence. Among the first results is a patent request for a novel XMPP-based solution for seamless mobility, and plug&play device and services control on mixed wireless networks.